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Trailblazer Hosts 2018 NORAD and USNORTHCOM FFT Working Group

Trailblazer had the privilege of hosting the 2018 NORAD and USNORTHCOM FFT Working Group. During this week-long conference, we had the chance to discuss critical topics in detail such as the current state of the NORTHCOM FFT and SA program, develop guidelines, CONOPS, TTPS, address tactical level SA system concerns (such as GEC2O, C2 Messaging); and address data sharing, 24/7-365 technical/operational support, procurement guidance, establish a strategic plan for sustaining the NC FFT program.

The NORAD and USNORTHCOM FFT Lead commented that the value of the working group continues to reinforce the necessity for the GTSC and the services it provides to the community of interest.

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