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Trailblazer Innovations Inc was awarded a $4M contract under Army CERDEC, Night Vision Directorate, Unique Mission Cell to provide architecture design, integration, fabrication and life cycle support of FFT device and systems for Department of Defense (DOD) service components, agencies, and combatant commanders (COCOM). FFT/Blue Force Tracking (BFT) equipment as defined by the CJCSI 3910.01 will generate, collect, and disseminate friendly force identification, location, and tracking information. The required services range from training, to user unique device configuration, architecture integration and data dissemination that is unique to each COCOM. Support is primarily for normal operations but also includes surge support for unforeseen national crises in any theater of operations and Continental United States (CONUS) special security event support that requires coordination in the NORTHCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). Specialized subject matter expertise is required for the multiple Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware types encountered, the multitude of common operating picture data dissemination architectures available, the complexity of each end user group's concept of operations and is critical to providing the necessary rapid response in support of deploying forces.


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